sho nagata

In the Mix

The SS20 collection inspired by the subculture associated with the beginning of Detroit techno in Detroit, America during the 1970s-1980s.

In this setting, a fictional character has been created.

A man who lives in downtown and enjoys dancing during this age at Detroit when remarkable technological development took place due to the entry of the automobile industry.

On his days off, he rides his skateboard to search for records, hangs out with friends, and practices his DJ skills at home.

(In Detroit, it is considered to be music developed and polished not only at clubs, but also at home.) This collection is a visualization of this character's clothes.

Entertainment scenes such as dance shows, disco parties, DJ and record digging,
the underground street style, work elements associated with the development of the automobile industry, along with the standpoint of the radio represented by The Electrifying Mojo
(crossing genres and swaying differences in race, without following an existing format), have all been researched and mixed to compose this collection.

The collection incorporates dance show colors and street styles at the age, reconstructs the silhouette and stitching of factory work-wear and combines them with traditional dress sewing techniques.

In addition, essences such as the aerodynamics of a car, techno sampling
(the relation between the original sound and sampling in music) techniques, mixing methods, and DIY elements have been incorporated to garments which capture time, space and race without discrimination.

In the Mix



ダンスショー, クラブなどの娯楽、自動車産業発展の背景、加えてThe Electrifying Mojoに代表されるラジオ、様々な要素をリサーチし、既存のものに新たな要素を掛け合わせることにより洋服を再構築する。