sho nagata

It expresses the subculture sprit (such as frustration driven behaviors) and exchange between different subcultures,
as well as how a piece of clothing and the idea of a man wearing it changed when the clothes that symbolized culture interacted with different cultures and environments.

The design of this collection started after being inspired by the identity (rebellion and resistance against existing ideas and discrimination)
expressed by a group called West Coast Pachuco in early 1940s. The group expressed rebellion by fashion, and their distinctive suit style became the group’s symbol and uniform
(expression of resistance and formation of identity).

Here is to introduce a fictional character.

This person goes on a trip, ends up in London, and meets punk culture which has a different rebel / resistant sprit from pachuco.

How the cultural exchange there influenced the person’s style and sensibility, and their chemical reaction are expressed.

Tailored/suit style became a uniform, and it is the foundation of the collection.